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Healing Sessions


I work with a wide variety of emotional and energy healing modalities that have brought miraculous breakthroughs & extremely positive life changes for both myself and my clients.


These modalities range from Emotion Code sessions to Regressionsand they offer a unique approach that differs from conventional methods such as talk therapy.


This approach is what makes them so effective, and it's the combination of 3 magic ingredients: 


1. The science of the mind: To understand energy work and how it links to the emotional body and to the physical body, my training focused in learning how the mind works to be able to bring the desired results for my clients. From the primitive mind to the conscious and subconscious minds, these methods work with the proper parameters and brainwaves to bring the desired outcomes for my clients.


2. My intuitive abilities: As an empath, my intuition since childhood was always speaking to me, but due to societal conditioning and programming, I learned how to ignore it so that I could "function" within the boundaries of what the academic and the corporate world deemed "rational". However, this inner voice called intuition is way more powerful than logic, and when I learned how to trust it and to follow through it, I saw miracles unfold in my own life and in the lives of the people I've served.

3. The power of Spirit: Whether you believe in a higher power or not, from my own understanding and personal experience, there is an unseen field of consciousness that connects us all. Quantum physics calls it the "Quantum field", religious people call it "God", spiritual guides and teachers call it "Source". To me, this unseen consciousness is Spirit, and it's the life force that keeps me going every day to serve humanity and to fulfill my mission.

If you already tried conventional methods before without any results, this is what you might be looking for!


Let go of stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, and grief!


Let go of what’s weighing you down and embrace a life of joy and freedom!


Listen to one of my client's testimonials by clicking on the button below, and explore my services by clicking on each picture further down below.


Emotional Healing &
Subconscious Reprogramming Services

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