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Karmic Disconnection

- Are you feeling angry with someone and can not let go?


- Have you been through a breakup?


- Are you suffering from a loss?


- Has someone cheated on you and you feel horrible?


- Did you move to a new town and can not adapt yet?


- Would you like to stop feeling angry with another person?


- Would you like to recover from a breakup faster?


- Would you like to let go of the past and open a new door for your love life? ​


If so, you need a Karmic Disconnection!


A Karmic Disconnection is the action of disconnecting from a karmic exchange.


A karmic exchange happens at different levels. It could generally happen between two or more people, and it can also happen with objects and spirits!


Karmic connections happen all the time. Anger is the root of the karmic connection, but it can also come from sadness, fear, and even happiness. ​


A karmic exchange mostly comes from relationships that do not go well. ​


Let go of that person once and for all with a Karmic Disconnection! 



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