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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Womb Regression

Womb Regression is a method that helps people RESCRIPT and REFRAME areas of the mind connected to traumatic events that are affecting them at a subconscious level.


This is a very powerful, non-invasive method that disconnects the vibrations from the things that have hurt you, traumatized you, and are holding you back from moving forward. ​


It does so by taking you back to your mother’s womb while rescripting and reframing those negative episodes that have been affecting you and keeping you from moving forward in your life and finally let them go!


This type of regression will help you better deal with your emotions and will set you free from the pain that past wounds bring you when you remember them! ​


The Womb Regression method has helped a lot of people to let go of habits, emotional burden and spiritual debts (including those from past lives) in just one session!


This type of emotional healing has already helped thousands of people break free and finally move forward with a clear direction and nothing holding them back. ​


This process is a transformational event that will start your spiritual and emotional healing in just one session; saving you YEARS OF THERAPY!


It is recommended to have at least 1-4 sessions per year to remove lackluster energy.


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