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Time Frame Regression

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and change the outcome of a situation that is hurting you in your present?


A Time Frame Regression does exactly that!


A Time Frame Regression is a method that helps people rescript and reframe areas of their mind connected to traumatic events that are affecting them at a subconscious & conscious level.


A Time Frame Regression helps to:


- Heal childhood trauma


- Change your perspective on things from negative to positive

Modify your brain chemistry on a spiritual, physiological and emotional level


- Free you from the compulsion of falling into a downward emotional spiral!


This type of regression will help you to better deal with your emotions and will free you from the pain of your wounds that are connected to your past.


This method is a personalized solution to a specific trauma that not many would be able to understand.


As kids, we can become psychologically and emotionally affected by pretty much anything!


The way the human mind works is not a “one size fits all” type of thing, but there are rather many different types of individuals with an infinite amount of backgrounds and ranges of emotional tolerance and how a child responds to specific events.


There is no set limit on how a child absorbs a trauma and displays it in adulthood. This method is very important to pursue in most, if not all, people.


Due to the fact that a simple trauma of someone taking away your candy, for example, can create a domino effect in hour adult life, such as having abandonment issues.


This time frame regression method allows me to help people let go of habits, emotional burdens, spiritual debt, and much more, in just a single session!


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