I help my clients enter

a new paradigm...

Free from emotional

pain and limitations,

in full ownership of their destiny!


Meet Georgette


Georgette is a master healer,

spiritual mentor, and intuitive life coach.

She always knew she was meant to fulfill a humanitarian mission, but her childhood trauma stemming from her father's abandonment and strict upbringing led her to ignore her soul’s calling and to fully devote herself to chasing “success” in academia and in the corporate world.

A few years after getting her MBA from one of Canada’s top universities and landing her “dream job” at a world-renowned entertainment company, she started to realize that this might not be her definition of success, after all. This led her to have a spiritual awakening in her mid-30’s....


Client Testimonials


“I created a new side business making an extra $2000/month.


When my job downsized, they kept me and increased my territory and products that I can now sell which helps with my income.


I am now able to feel confident in listening to my own intuition.”

Christie Bonczek