Healing Sessions


I work with a wide variety of revolutionary metaphysical healing modalities called the Draleon Methods.

These methods have brought miraculous breakthroughs & extremely positive life changes for both myself and my clients.


The Draleon is the combination of two main vibrations that are coming to this planet: the Dragon and Lion consciousness.


1. Dragon: The metaphor of the dragon is here to represent knowledge. Knowledge and intellect are leading tools of the human consciousness. This is one of our greatest powers, but it can also be our greatest weakness. We call this "The Ego." It can make us believe we have all the answers, when we should really humble ourselves to being a student.


2. Lion: The metaphor of the lion is here to represent wisdom. In its nature, it is simple, pure instincts of nature, to complete the task at hand.

Dragon + Lion = Draleon Consciousness.


Where knowledge is put into action. Where true planetary balance is achieved. Where courage meets

practicality. Where harmony is restored.


Are you ready to let go of stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, and grief?


Are you ready to let go of what’s weighing you down and embrace this new paradigm?


Are you ready to step into your calling?


Then go ahead and explore each modality by clicking in each picture below:


Draleon Methods of Emotional Healing &

Subconscious Reprogramming

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